“Tell all the truth but tell it slant” -Emily Dickinson

In the exploration of her own slant truths, Lauryn Peacock holds fast to Dickinson’s admonition, enabling her to delve into places of true vulnerability that make her music both captivatingly complex and approachably intimate. Nowhere in her music is this captivating intimacy more evident than on her 2015 full-length Euphonia - a reflection of her continuing journey to find solace through music, and peace within the joys and hardships of life - and to motivate others to do the same. 

Peacock’s journey into the world of rock and pop started when she had the privilege of playing two memorable hometown house shows with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco – on piano, guitar, and some vocals – and touring, playing keys, with indie-rockers mewithoutYou. Through these experiences, a fire was struck. 

That fire is also evident in her newest release, Wonder and Bright: Songs for Christmas - available to you today! 

The struggle and joy in Peacock’s music connects with the listener, inciting in them the courage to press on, regardless of circumstance – to claim their place in this world. She champions the underdog and the beauty of emotion. As she extends the vulnerability and hope embedded in her work, she invites others in to experience the beauty she creates.

Musical Guests

Rick Mazzotta (percussion)
Mike Weiss (electric guitar, bass)
Greg Jehanian (electric bass)
Denison Witmer (vocals)
Carl Cheeseman (guitar)
Joshua Stamper
Dark Horse Orchestra
Jonni Greth (vocals)
Andy Greenhow (cello)
Kent Ellingson (vocals)
Mike Chen (cello)
Matt Goldsborough (electric guitar, bass)
Jordan Berger (drums)
Brad Jacobsen (electric guitar)
Daniel Delaney (cello)
and more...