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Largehearted Boy Daily Downloads, Lauryn Peacock, Rufus Wainwright and more...  "A Lauryn Peacock Christmas EP and Rufus Wainwright live EP are the highlights of today's free & legal music to download and/or stream at Largehearted Boy."

STEELE PICKS: Best Albums of 2015   “...piano with lush arrangements for memorable, moving melodies. The vocals shimmy and simmer.”

Concert review - Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA "Playing with a new band, the keyboard and guitar folk ballad virtuoso brought her 2015 work Eupohonia to life. Grand, glorious and extremely catchy, her new and old works were a welcome rumination"


Watch Our Random Tea Session in Philadelphia Here! 

WXPN Write-up on Random Tea Session and Daytrotter

"Peacock seems to have a way with conveying intricate messages in a delicate fashion, allowing her vocals and subtle instrumental backdrops to be the driving force behind such emotional tunes."

The Vinyl District First Date!

"Vinyl allows the whole dynamic range of an album to be present—and it sounds so much less contained, so much more like music...It is such a sweet feeling to finally hold my first LP pressed to vinyl in my own hands: one of the many milestones embedded in the release of Euphonia."

New Jersey Courier Post Feature and Show Announcement

"Plenty of singer-songwriters draw on their classical influences to churn out pretty pop songs with little depth, and we’ve all known sonic explorers who chase weird for weird’s sake. But this was something far rarer: An artist who could write something beautiful and not be afraid to chop it up to reveal its jagged angles." - M.J. Fine, NJ Courier Post

Entertainment Realm - Euphonia Review and Tour Announcement

"With vocals and swirly mesmerizing songs reminiscent of Lush, Curve and Chvrches, this is a collection of exquisitely dark indie folk songs with ambitious orchestration and instrumentation."

TUNED UP - Euphonia Review

"Lauryn Peacock exudes a quiet confidence that emerges earnestly in her latest record, titled Euphonia."

WXPN Philadelphia 8/16 Show Announcement - Download 2 new songs off Euphonia!

Largehearted Boy Daily Download: 'All My Mind' [8-2-15]

^^^Download my new single, 'All My Mind' / Bad Braids, Blitzen Trapper, My Morning Jacket...


Largehearted Boy Daily Download: 'All My Mind' [7-29-15]


AXS - Album Review, Euphonia, and Tour Press Release

"The entire album is an ever-churning aesthetic marvel with a fluid spirit that mirrors life, itself....Lauryn has created a rich and vibrant wilderness of organic beauty and poetry for the listener to explore while wearing the wide-eyed expression of perpetual awe and wonder." [7-17-15]

Ear to the Ground - Album Review - Euphonia

"Up-and-comer but soon to be established Lauryn Peacock released her charming orchestral indie- folk album Euphonia....[which] illustrates just how many different instruments Peacock works with- and works with successfully- throughout all tracks."

Songwriting Magazine - Album Review - Euphonia 

"‘Euphonia’, the new album from singer-songwriter Lauryn Peacock puts her mastery of arrangement and vivid songwriting to the very fore....Often experimental, always timeless, each of the ten tracks is brimming with originality and ideas....It is an album in the truest sense, a beautiful soundtrack to guide you through life’s maddening challenges." [6-29-15]

Surviving the Golden Age Premieres Euphonia 

"The ten-song album is filled with gorgeous orchestral pop. Opening track “All in My Mind” is the perfect single. Filled with soaring strings and playful woodwinds, Peacock’s voice lilts over the lush arrangement....The transition between pathos is seamless as Peacock proves her chops as a songwriter and an arranger." [6-24-15]

Lauryn Peacock Makes Magnet a Mixtape! 

American Songwriter - Daily Discovery, "Quiet Moments"

Magnet Magazine - mp3 at 3pm

"Her music is delicate and well composed, with serene moments, beautiful instrumentation and controlled vocals. Download 'Quiet Moments' below."

***WON! - Nashville Deli Magazine's Artist Of The Month! [4/30/15]***

"...the plainative, haunting single "Wounds Grow Grass" offering a tantalizing glimse into the rich and highly orchestrated universe Peacock has spent the so much time and energy constructing."

I AM TUNED UP - Audiofeed Music Festival Show Preview

Largehearted Boy - Daily Download - 'Wounds Grow Grass'

KDHX St. Louis - 'Wounds Grow Grass' -  Song of the Day

"Postmodern and pre-modern at once, the orchestral, piano-based ballad "Wounds Grow Grass" by Lauryn Peacock waltzes out of a wine-warmed cabaret from Berlin in the 1920s or maybe from just around the corner here and now." -Music News, KDHX [4/17/15] - Notes from the Left of the Dial

"Lauryn Peacock is that rare artist whose music transcends the current musical climate and steps beyond the reach of time and influence. Her music can be delicate and intimate but also emotionally volatile and acerbic." [4/10/15] Joshua Pickard -

Magnet Magazine - MP3 at 3PM - 'Wounds Grow Grass'

"The song begins with a neat piano solo and grows into an eerie mass of euphoria. Download 'Wounds Grow Grass' below."

The Vinyl District - TVD's Press Play

Philadelphia City Paper Feature, Music Issue, March 2012

"a deeply satisfying mix of moody and hopeful songs" M.J. Fine, Philadelphia City Paper [2/29/12]

Folk You Philly video series (early video) 

Feature on Nate Allen's Mix Tape

"If Joni Mitchell were young and making music today, it might sound a little bit like Lauryn Peacock." Nate Allen (Destroy Nate Allen) [11/2014]

WXPN Key Studio Session

"Check out the stirring rise and fall of “Window in the Night” in this week’s Key Studio Session and tell me it doesn’t give you chills."

WXPN the Key Concert Picks

WXPN Download Digest

WXPN Daily Download, Fairly Busy Wife EP release

WXPN the Key Studio Session Sneak Peak

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